Well hello there. My name is Kevin. Welcome to my Strength Perfected website. Weightlifting and strength training have been my passion for the last five years. Over the years I have tried and tested numerous training methods, as well as multiple products in the fitness world in order to improve myself as effective as possible.

I have always been a skinny person with no real mass or muscle. About five years ago I decided it had to change. I looked up multiple videos and articles on certain exercises, nutrition and products to help me get stronger. It helped: I gained around 40 pounds of muscle mass, and I’m feeling very comfortable in my own body now.

I want to share the feeling of improving your physique and becoming notably stronger.

Over the years I have done tons of different exercises and workout programs. Some worked for me, while others didn’t. I feel like now I am in a position to offer you some insight on some of these, as well as provide you with updated tips and techniques to really make the most of your workout.


How I Achieved My Goals…

Growing up I was always the smallest. Up to age 14, I only was about 5ft and I weighed about 110lbs. I did however like to workout. My parents had a bench press in the basement, which I often used. I never truly made good results though.

That was the case, until I really started to learn about what working out means.

See, it’s not just a matter of doing a few bench press reps a day. Building strength and muscle requires patience, a good set of exercises, solid nutrition and enough sleep. So I set a goal for myself. In 1 year, I wanted to put on 15-20lbs of muscle mass, without the use of steroids or anything like that.

I succeeded.

And you know what the best part was?

I didn’t even notice becoming that much stronger and muscular, until my friends and colleagues started pointing it out.

You have no idea how it felt to be complemented on all the hard work you put in.

This is when I decided that I want to help people achieve the same.


And How I Will Help You Achieve Yours!

Building strength and muscle is something a lot of people want to achieve. However, it can be overwhelming to get started. There is so much information available on the internet, and everyone promises the same. To build an unreal amount of muscle in less than a few months. To be fair, a lot of exercises DO work, but it’s very important to remember that not every exercise is for everyone.

I believe that it’s necessary to have a good start. Learn how to perform certain exercises the right way from the beginning. Choose the right supplements. Make sure that your nutrition is up to par.

Much of the content I’m going to be delivering here is going to be centered about improving your physique in a -what I believe- is a good and balanced way. I’m talking exercises, recipes and nutrition, as well as supplementary products that I recommend.


Practice Makes Perfect

There is absolutely no point to doing exercises if you’re doing them wrong. Some exercises can be tough. Humiliating even. But it is so very important to perform them correctly from the get-go.

If you choose to follow me on this adventure, I want you to promise me one thing. Be patient. You won’t see results overnight. If you stick with a plan though,

In time, you will improve, and you will become strong.

Here’s to becoming the best version of yourself!


Founder of Strength Perfected

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