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The end of the year is near, and with it come the holidays. During these days, people tend to gain a bit of weight. It almost seems inevitable. This article will be going over several tips to make sure you don’t overdo it, despite having a good time.


#1 – Balance is Key

Staying the same weight is really quite easy: make sure you don’t ingest more calories than you’re using. Nonetheless, a lot of people fail to keep an eye on their energy balance, especially in the festive month of December.

Everyone has their struggles during the holidays. Think about all the food that you’re constantly eating! You’re probably not even paying that much attention to your intake.

Of course there’s no shame to eating more food than usual. Christmas nearly forces you to! However, you can definitely take this into account if you are trying to lose some weight.

For example, you can compensate by eating less on the day before and after Christmas. This way allows you to spread all of those extra calories over multiple days, which makes it easier to stay the same weight.

You Don’t Become Fat Overnight

Luckily, one extra meal won’t double your weight. No, but you will start noticing a difference if you are eating too much for days on end. If your weight has increased with 2 lbs after Christmas Eve, fear not. Just make sure to not pig out excessively without compensating.

What the Heck Effect

A lot of dieters suffer from the so called ‘what the heck effect’. This effects shows once a person has violated one or more of their dieting rules. Suddenly, it doesn’t matter anymore what enters the stomach.

The rules have already been broken, so what the heck. Thoughts like these may lead to disinhibited (over)eating.

How to Counter These Thoughts

Other thoughts that may come to mind may be “Oh well, everyone is pigging out. What does it matter?” or “I can’t resist all of these temptations, so I will just give in. Starting next year, I will commit!”.

The first step to countering thoughts like these, are to analyze them. This isn’t always easy. Often enough, we’re not aware of our own thoughts, or they come in fragments.

Eating slow and paying attention to your food may help you to become aware of the amounts that you’re ingesting. This in turn may decrease chances of disinhibited overeating.

Once you are aware of these thoughts, you can correct your eating behavior.


#2 – Compensate With Cardio

Why don’t you go ahead and be physically active during the holidays? Have yourself a nice workout, go and run a few miles or take a long walk. The options are endless, really.

Don’t force yourself to move, though. If you’re not feeling it, don’t do it. This may indirectly lead to the ‘what the heck effect’, which we are trying to avoid.

Besides, I want you to enjoy the holidays and to not worry about all sorts of things!


#3 – More Vegetables!

If you are planning on eating all sorts of lovely foods, make sure you consume plenty of vegetables, too!

Vegetables can give a satisfying effect quickly, due to the large amount of fiber they contain.


#4 – Be Careful With Alcohol and Soft Drinks

You’ve probably heard it quite a lot of times, but I will repeat myself once more. Alcoholic beverages, soft drinks and juices contain a lot of calories. You could replace regular soft drinks by their ‘light’ alternatives, and keep in mind that alcohol most certainly counts towards your energy balance.

Are you still going to enjoy your alcohol? Well, me too! However, if you are trying to focus on your calories for a bit, you might want to go for some wine or champagne, vodka or whiskey. These beverages contain very little added sugars.

Cocktails though, may contain up to twice the amount of sugar and alcohol!

Lastly, alcohol inhibits as we all may know. Foods may taste even better which may cause you to yield to all those yummy foods, without realizing it.

Just a thought.


#5 – Drink Water

I would recommend you to drink enough water before and during your dinner. This makes you feel more satisfied, which results in less food to be consumed. It will also aid the digestion of your generous Christmas dinner.

Drinking water therefore prevents the intestines from getting upset by all the snacks, sauces and exotic foods.

You might even have some energy for a short run the next day!


#6 – Small Portions

One of the best ways to eat less, is to take smaller portions of food. Do you think you can’t? Well, try using a smaller plate for example! The brain can get fooled by this very easily.

Eating slowly will give you a satisfied feeling of fullness.


#7 – Coffee

You might want to have yourself an extra cup of coffee during the holidays.

Caffeine gives you more energy, while suppressing feelings of hunger.

Another great effect of caffeine, is that it increases the fat burning capabilities of your body.


#8 – Don’t Just Go With Unhealthy

Make sure you are the chef during the holidays! By picking your own ingredients, you have a direct say about your calorie intake. Cooking food with lots of vegetables can be of great help, as they give feelings of saturation.

If you are host or hostess, you can choose to make healthy bites, for example a salad with tomato, cucumber or fruits. A large fruit bowl as a dessert can be just as delicious as a huge cake!


#9 – Pay Attention While Eating

Our eyes and thoughts are often not enough to determine whether we’ve eaten enough or not. The ‘what the heck’ effect can cloud our judgment.

Another example is that we tend to eat a lot more in company that eats at a fast pace. We’re often not even aware that this is happening! Eating slow and paying more attention to your food causes your brain to register everything more effective, which leads to a satisfied feeling.

If a family member has made a nice dish, focus on the taste, the structure and the smell. Really, try it. Take a few sips after a few bites and really take the time for your food.

Is your place empty? Wait a while before going to round two. Ask your body how full you are. Be mindful of your thoughts. If you notice disinhibiting thoughts, leave them be.


Disinhibiting thought: “Oh boy, maybe people won’t like me as much if I eat this slow!”

Supporting thought: “Am I only likable if I eat fast? Eating slow helps me. If these people really care about me, they won’t mind.”


In Conclusion

The holidays are upon us, and there are a lot of seductions closing in. It’s a time of joy and being together with family and friends. I genuinely hope you will have a great time.

You can still have a great time while at the same time paying attention to your intake.

Enjoy, and live a little.

Happy holidays!


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prevent weight gain during the holidays?

When you are eating, focus on things like taste and smell. Eat slowly. It takes the brain about 20 minutes to register whether you are full or not, so eating as fast as possible will cause overeating.

What should I eat during the holidays?

Whatever you like, just with a bit of moderation. If you are in charge of the food, make sure to prepare a lot of vegetables. They will give you a satisfying effect quickly due to the large amount of fiber.

Can I drink alcohol during the holidays?

You sure can! Note though, that alcohol inhibits. Foods may taste even better than normal, which can lead to overeating.

How do I burn fat during the holidays?

You can compensate your food intake with some cardio. For example, why don’t you go for a nice long walk?

10 thoughts on “9 Holiday Weight Loss Tips

  1. Yes! So true. Holiday has arrived. And usually on this holiday season, food is everywhere. Yes everywhere! No wonder usually after holidays, my weight can go up to 10-15 lbs. And that sucks.

    Thank you for this article which explains the strategies that I can use to lose weight. Besides, I just found out that coffee can help you lose weight. Maybe starting today, I will try to consume more coffee. Plus I will also do cardio, but how long do you think I should do this kind exercise in a day?

    1. Hi there, 

      Thank your for dropping by! I would say that it depends on your goal. Nonetheless, I think that it would be a decent guideline to be physically active for about 30 minutes every day. 

      Here’s a tip! Right after you wake up, have yourself a large glass of water and take a walk outside. It should be at a tempo that makes you breathe faster, so not quite running, but no slacking either. It’s easy and if you do this every day before breakfast, you will start to burn off some fat.

      All in all, it could take months to lose a large quantity of fat. Don’t be demotivated, though: slow and steady wins the race!

      Have a great day! 

  2. Hey Kevin, Thanks for writing on Weight Loss Tips For the Holidays. Your tips are very useful for everyone like me to loss some weight in this coming year 2020. We have to drink enough water. I understand drinking water therefore prevents the intestines from getting upset by all the snacks, sauces and exotic foods. Thank you .. Parveen

  3. Thanks very much Kevin for great and helpful article about weight loss tips for the holidays, for really I have enjoyed this article from its start to its end because I got to know what to take this holiday so as to loss weight so am going to start off soon to follow them. Thanks very much for this review. 

  4. Hiya Kevin

    I really enjoyed your article on weight loss tips for the holidays, you gave great advice and I like the style of writing very much too. I like that you confess you plan on indulging but provide tips on how to do that without sabotaging your diet plan completely. I am guilty of ‘what the heck’ moments and it can be hard to get back on track. 

    Could you maybe do a comparison of a fat/carb laden Christmas Dinner and a better for you but still celebratory one? Just to give an idea of what you can really get away with while trying to be ‘good’. 

    I have IBS so have to be careful and cannae have sweeteners at all but I don’t like honey, any ideas for keeping my life sweet without sugar? 

    Thank you for a well researched read, I look forward to the answers to my questions, krs PurpleLioness 

    1. Hi there, 

      Thank you for leaving your thoughts! You actually gave me an idea with regards to “healthy” holiday dinners. I will be doing an article on this topic in the near future. The end of December isn’t the only time we tend to eat lots! 😉 

      With regards to carefully sweetening foods: I think it can be quite difficult without the use of artificial sweeteners or honey. I could give you an example, though. 

      I often have a bowl of unflavored oatmeal. This can be quite bland, so I add some cinnamon for taste. It’s not sweet in the sense that it contains sugarly goodness, but it does give the illusion of something sweet. 

      Still microdosing on sugars might be for you. In the end, it’s all about dosage.

      I hope this answers your question! 

  5. Hello, I really want to appreciate your effort in putting together this website and writing this article. It’s a season of love and and a season of sharing. Also, there is so much to eat and drink. I literally get prepared to stiff up when it’s Christmas because that’s when the best food is been prepared. Thank you for the tips you have given. 

    1. Hi Benny, 

      Thank you for leaving your thoughts! Excellent choice to prepare for Christmas! 

      Have a great day! 

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