Posture Improving Exercises – It Adds Up!

Improving Posture Exercises

Losing fat, building muscle mass and gaining strength are fantastic goals to have for yourself. Having a good posture however, is something everyone should go for, as it runs deeper than just you looking good.

A good posture will help you develop strength and flexibility more easily. Not only that, but it will also reduce stress on your muscles and joints, which in turn reduces the risk of injuring yourself.

In this article, I will be discussing several exercises to help you work on your posture. These aren’t your regular strength exercises, but they’re certainly not less important! Even better: you can perform each exercise from the comfort of your own home.


Stretch Your Body

There are so many people that are as flexible as a piece of wood, and I used to be one of them. While I’m now certainly not as flexible as cooked pasta, I sure made some progress over the last couple of years! I achieved this by implementing the following exercises in my training routine.

I’d recommend anyone to do at least one or more of these on a regular base. As I mentioned before, you can do them from the comfort of your own home. Just make some time: 30 minutes is more than enough!

Performing these exercises after my workout really made sure that every muscle in my body got some love. I definitely wasn’t able to do all of them from the get-go, but as time passed, I started to implement them more and more in my workouts, even though I’m not that into yoga. As a result, I feel more fit and not as wooden as I used to.

Now, doing exercises to train your posture and flexibility sure is great. However, there’s a lot more ways in which you can improve your posture, without having to work out at all!


Make Your Posture Part of Your Daily Routine

We’ve talked about several ways to train your posture. Most of these exercises will get easier as you do them more often. Furthermore, there are a lot of other ways in which you can improve your posture and better: keep it that way!

Don’t be a slouch! Lousy posture can feel nice and relaxing, however it adds a lot of stress to your back. Not only that, but having a lousy posture also makes it harder for your lungs and intestines to work. A good posture ensures that your body can digest food as effective as possible. Also, important: you get to inhale more air when you breathe. That’s something to think about, right? So if you’re not doing so already: sit up straight! Sit all the way back in your chair. You might want to put a small cushion behind your back to ensure that your spine stays naturally curved. This can be applied to any form of chair, including the ones in your car!

Good Posture Spine

Sitting straight? Good job. Now there’s another way to prevent posture problems, and that is where standing comes in. You know the speeches you used to get as a kid about standing up straight? Well, it’s true. Standing tall not only makes you look confident and slimmer, but it also ensures that your spine doesn’t get overly burdened. So the next time you’re standing, make sure you do so with your shoulders back, knees straight and belly tucked in. Sounds like quite something, right? Well, not if you make it a habit, so make sure you do so.

An issue of today’s society, is that we’re all using our smartphones for the majority of our time. This is what I think you should know. Tilting your head down to look at your phone (or something else), really strains the spine. This will add up as time passes. Make sure you stretch your neck multiple times a day and try to move your eyes instead of your head.

Bad Posture and Burden for Your Spine through Smartphone Usage

Make sure you have a GOOD mattress. Yes, it’s nice to have a $200,- mattress that does the job, but a low price does not mean that it’s the best option for your back. I would personally never save money on this. I’d rather buy a $1000,- mattress I’ve tried and tested in the store, than a cheap one that costs less than half and I’m not able to test. It’s true that not everyone can afford more expensive mattresses, but I do believe that it’s an investment in your own physical health, and it should be treated as such. Health has no price tag!

Exercise! You probably knew this one was coming even though I said no workout was needed, right? Let’s be realistic though. Exercising ensures that your muscles stay strong, and thus they’re able to support your back and joints.

I’d recommend anyone to exercise at least 30 minutes a day. You don’t need to lift the heaviest weights or run a marathon, just make sure you move. We’re sitting still enough as it is.


The Little Things Will Add Up!

While sitting with a lousy posture might feel all right, it will eventually catch up with you. This goes with everything that has to do with posture. Take care of yourself. Becoming more flexible and maintaining good posture will make you feel better. Not only that, but you’ll look the part, as well. Standing tall makes you feel confident, sitting upright makes you look more intelligent, and so forth.

Not having a good posture will do the opposite, as it makes you look uninterested, lazy and insecure. Your body won’t thank you either. While it’s not necessary to do stretching exercises every day for the rest of your life, I do wholeheartedly recommend you all to at least implement some habits in your daily life.

So what did you think of this article? Was it useful to you? Let me know in the comments, and make sure you’re sitting straight! 😉

6 thoughts on “Posture Improving Exercises – It Adds Up!

  1. Julie Reply

    Nice article. You make really good points, i found myself putting my shoulders back and breathing deeper. Thank you for the links to the videos. 🙂

    • Kevin Post authorReply

      You’re welcome! Try to make it part of your everyday routines and it’ll become a habit. Good luck!

  2. Cathy Reply

    I worked for a chiropractor once. I’m sure he’d be nodding in approval at your advice. He was a great doctor, but not a great employer. Anyway, you are so right about neck posture and mattresses. I’ve never had an ideal mattress, but I did finally get a memory foam pillow. Keep up the good work!

    • Kevin Post authorReply

      Since we as humans spend on average a third of our lives in bed, it’s very important that we create the best circumstances for ourselves. Therefore it’s a great thing that you took the step to purchase a memory foam pillow! Keep taking care of your body and posture because you’re worth it.

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