Weight loss requires a lot of willpower and motivation. This is not always a comfortable environment, which may even lead to falling back into your old, unwanted habits.

To help you along, here are 8 tips for training your willpower.


#1 – Sleep Enough

A good night’s rest is essential for a long day. Not sleeping well can caus you to experience more difficulties in your everyday life, causing them to give you less joy. In order to make the most of your days, I would recommend focusing on the quality of your sleep.


#2 – Eat Regularly

It is a smart idea to not skip any meals during the day. Not having structure in your eating pattern might cause you to submit to an unhealthy snack of sorts. In order to create more regularity in your eating pattern, we recommend eating 3 to 6 meals every day.

Note that you don’t have to be consuming large servings of food.


#3 – Start Small

An important aspect of training your willpower and motivation, is to apply small changes in your everyday life. Of course, it should be something that you are not quite satisfied with. Often, this can cause a snowball effect. If you can change one small thing, you can change another, and so forth.

An example would be to not have dessert for a week, or to change it to a piece of fruit.

You don’t want to make unrealistic goals for yourself. Not being able to reach these goals will only demotivate you. Therefore, it is of high importance that you pick a plan that fits your lifestyle.


#4 – Be Prepared For Difficult Moments

A lot of people that want to lose weight, often rely on their willpower and determination. However, this is not always a smart move. For example, it will often take too much effort to make up an alternative for snacking when you’re feeling the cravings.

If you are having a hard time withholding yourself from snacking too much, you might want to make a set of rules for yourself with regard to your food intake.

Other options would be to seek social support, or to go exercise.

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#5 – Buy Very Few Snacks

It is important to save on willpower. You want it to be put to the test as little as possible, as you will not be tempted. A simple way to accomplish this, is by making your environment less tempting.

Put your snacks away in cupboards where you will not be staring at them all day long. Or, even better: don’t buy them at all! This will protect you from snacking too often.

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#6 – Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself

The fact that you have a goal in mind is great, and I’d recommend you to go for it! However, this does not mean that you cannot have any fun. You can have a snack every once in a while! It’s healthy to treat yourself every now and then.

Besides, living like a monk will cost you a lot of precious energy.


#7 – Focus on the Positive

Look on the bright side! Nothing ever goes perfect, but even so, a lot of things will go according to plan. If you are just focusing on the negatives, you will lose a lot of energy. Not only that, but you will get demotivated.


#8 – Social Support

You might be the one that is trying to lose weight, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot accept any help. Discuss your problems and goals with your loved ones. They will understand, even if it can sometimes take a while.

Nonetheless, having people to talk to can be of great help.


#9 – Exercise the Way You Want

While certain ways of exercising are more effective for losing weight, it is still important that you follow a plan that works for you. If you pick a workout plan that is full of exercises that you loathe, you will not have any fun doing them, resulting in demotivation.


#10 – Record Your Progress

Having yourself a nice little journal can be of great help, as it allows you to have an overview of your progress. You will want to write down every product that you consume. This will then allow you to alter your food intake.

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#11 – Reward Yourself

If you have accomplished a goal, make sure that you reward yourself for doing it. Go to the movies or buy yourself a nice book. Just make sure that you don’t reward yourself with food.

Lastly, you don’t want to reward yourself solely for losing weight. If you have accomplished a smaller goal, you deserve just as much of a reward. This will in turn teach you new habits.


#11 – Love Yourself

Looking in the mirror and seeing something you don’t like, is not motivating in the least. Therefore, it is of high importance that you love and appreciate your own body.

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#13 – If Necessary, Get Professional Help

Sometimes, you simply need an extra hand. This is okay! Dietitians, psychologists or personal trainers can do so much for you. Each of them has professional knowledge that can be applied on you.

It has been shown numerous times that professional help absolutely has its benefits [1].


In Conclusion

Motivation is very important when it comes to achieving your goals. This does not only apply to weight loss, but rather to everything. Be positive with yourself. Progress is progress, no matter how small it may be.

It’s also good to keep in mind that your close ones are always there for you. Make sure that you use them for maintaining motivation. If this proves to not be enough, you can always seek professional help. There is no shame in it.

You are working on yourself and that deserves praise!

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